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A nail enhancement is any material that can add length or strength to the natural nail. Nail enhancements range from acrylic to gels to fiberglass and silk wraps. The application, strength, and longevity of each enhancement vary.

There are a few different nail enhancements you can get from any local nail salon. The most popular are Acrylics, Hard Gels, Dip Powder, and so on. Additionally, each service requires different care and maintenance.

Nail extensions are the hottest beauty trend that will never go out of fashion, the creative freedom you can manifest is limitless, ever changing and expanding.

With risks of chipped nail polish, broken nails, and more, making the right selection is key for ensuring your nails go the distance. Below, we’re breaking down the differences between gel and acrylic nails, so you know what to ask for at your next visit to a nail salon near you.


Acrylic nails are a mix of powder and liquid monomer that's combined into a blob of dough, shaped onto your nails with a brush, and then air-dried. When you're getting a full set of acrylics, the nail technician will usually put on tips, or use nail forms to achieve a more natural look. Each acrylic is then shaped as desired and painted with polish. Nails are then set under a fan to dry.

Pros of acrylic nails:

  • Acrylics are ideal for people looking to change the shape of their nails or want more length.
  • Since acrylic nails are durable, you typically don’t have to worry about your nails cracking, breaking, or lifting while you have the acrylics (you may even notice that your natural nails grow longer and faster with acrylics).


Hard gel is a nail enhancement like acrylic nails, except it cures in a UV light. It is NOT gel polish/shellac/soft gel/soak off gel. You can put gel polish over hard gel (and you should because it looks great). You can extend the length of the nail with hard gel, just like acrylic. It can be sculpted and shaped just like acrylic. The only difference is that hard gel hardens through UV light rather than through evaporating solvents (like acrylic). There are many benefits to using the innovative nail enhancement that is hard gel.

Pros of hard gel manicures: 

  • Hard gel is the toughest form of gel polish out there and creates a sturdier, longer-lasting exterior.
  • Not damaging to the nail if there is trauma.
  • No strong fumes.
  • Bonder is acid-free.
  • Cures in 30 seconds.
  • Can be worn with nail polish for a very natural look.
  • Filing is faster and easier.
  • Hard gel is hypoallergenic, which means it is less likely to cause allergies than acrylic.


Gel extension is a process that involves hard gel built on a natural nail and cured with UV light. Like acrylics, gel extensions require an overlay to lengthen your nail. The manicurist uses a nail form, which is basically a sticker that goes under the free edge (the tip) of the nail, to extend the length of the nail. 

The rest of your process will flow like regular gel manis: your color is applied with standard soft gel polish and cured layer by layer. If you're getting nail art, your artist will decorate your tips, and then your nails are sealed with a gel top coat.

Pros of gel nail extensions: 

  • Thin, but strong and durable.
  • Easy to maintain and has a high gloss finish.
  • Flexible and lightweight.
  • Gel extension can be easily soaked off and is good for people with natural nails who want to improve durability, without the extreme hardness and heaviness of hard gel.
  • Can be easily applied over your natural nail for a thin natural looking nail.
  • If applied and removed properly, gel extensions are very safe.


Gel polishes are half regular polish, half gel that is brushed onto the nails. When applying gel polish, apply like a regular application – base, polish color, and topcoat. The only difference is that each coat must be cured or hardened under a UV or LED light for up to two minutes.

Pros of gel polish manicures: 

  • Long lasting, easy to apply, minimal damage and easy to maintain.


If you google the best nail salon near me in Hendersonville, you could see that dip powder has been more and more famous and chosen by a lot of clients. SNS, in particular, is especially popular in states like Florida, Texas, and California where dipping powder is replacing acrylic as the go-to nail enhancement.

The dip powder manicure process is fairly simple: The nail techs dip each finger into the clear, finely-milled powder, brush off the excess powder, set it with a protective clear polish and repeat these steps until your nail is fully coated and hardened. And then the manicurist seals each nail with a gel top coat and places your hands under a fan dryer. The process takes about an hour and a half in total.

Pros of dipping nails:

  • There are so many dipping colors to choose from. They’re bright and vibrant, and your nails are shiny and have the hardened feel of acrylics.
  • You can do nail art and add nail tips using dip powder. Companies like SNS provide different kits that help you achieve the traditional Pink & White, French manicure. Don’t have the strong smell that the acrylic nail application comes with.

Advice for getting SNS dip manicure in any nail salon near you: 

When looking for an SNS nail salon in Hendersonville, make sure to ask which application method is used. If the nail tech doesn't have a fresh jar to use, you can ask them to sprinkle the powder over your nails using a brush instead of dipping nails completely.

BOTTOM LINE FROM Casa Blanca Nail Bar - PROFESSIONAL NAIL SALON IN Hendersonville, TN 37075

Both acrylics and gels can be used to create nail extensions. They also usually have a similar look, although gel tips may feel lighter. It's mainly about the structure of the nail, but the real difference lies in the polymerization process, ease of removal, and density.

No matter which type of nail enhancement you choose, if done correctly by an experienced nail salon, both acrylics and gel extensions should leave you with the same result: long, healthy, beautiful nails.

Here at Casa Blanca Nail Bar in Hendersonville, we always strive to provide our clients with the very best advice when it comes to choosing the right nail enhancement for the right situation. We advise everyone about which one is best based on their lifestyle, the condition of their nails, their occupations, an occasion/event.

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